Waking up in the morning a6 6PM it’s not a big deal for us, we got used to it and we feel more filled up with energy. But there are some days, which are the not favorite days.

What can you do if everything goes wrong in the morning and the day really belongs to the ‘FAIL’ – days?

Just fight against the ‘FAIL”- day!

Most of the people recommend taking a day-break. Seriously, if we would take an off day for every ‘FAIL’ – day we would never be able to work. Since I have a morning ritual I experienced having less and less fail – days.

#1 Get up early!

We do live in a time where everyone works a lot, but try to get up early. Your first tries will be kind of hard, but you will get used to it in a very short time. After few weeks you recognize how many thing you can do in the time between getting up and going to work. You will be much energized and feel better about the fact of having done something productive for yourself.

#2 Do more sport!

When you get up early you will have more time to exercise. Doing sport outside will help you to get a clear mind before starting to work. Nice side effect: You will burn calories and get in shape <3. Everyday only 20 minutes is already more then enough.

#3 Motivate yourself!

There are millions and billions of motivational speeches, videos and music on YoutTube. Listen to them while you do your morning exercise, it will work wonders.

#4 Go with the wolves

Surround yourself with positive minds, which mean avoid people in your life who attend more of being depressive and negative minded. (On days where you feel better try to motivate these people without getting dragged down).