Running our own business we have experienced that traditional large companies fight against startup companies. Keywords just as innovation, creativity and idea generations are on top on every companies mission for creating and implementing only the best business models as never before. For ours as well!

But how do you actually come to such creative ideas?

First of all, each of us can develop creative and innovative ideas. If you say NO I’m not creative at all, then I have good news for you.

Creativity, innovativeness and idea generations can be tackle systematically:

#1 Be curios!

The absolute prerequisite for a creative idea is getting curios in something. Start asking, start researching the topic. Don’t be too shy to ask for a stupid question. Answering the most stupid question can lead you to the most creative idea in you life. Stop thinking of others meaning of your ‘product in process’. Go through everything what you do with your eyes open, and relate everything to your ‘product in process’.

#2 Work harder!

Your first try will probably fail. Don’t worry failing at your first try shows that you are on the right track. Stand up, be more curios and don’t let it get you down. Stay tuned and work even harder. Be honest with yourself, if you don’t work hard, then you won’t see any creative results. Think of Steve Jobs, how many times did he fail till he had the big break with Apple.

#3 Search for the luck!

There are some facts in life you really have no control over it, but you can right away search for the luck. Once you have been curios (step1) & working very hard (step2) you only need a little bit courage & confidence to fulfill your idea. Dare to integrated your environment to your idea and tell everybody of it.