My wardrobe is dominated by 80% of black clothes. I simply love to wear black. During my Gymnasium time I only preferred wearing black because of my weight, but since I paid more attention to a healthy and balanced nutrition I lost weight. Nevertheless I haven’t lost great preference for wearing black. Furthermore, it is always a good choice to wear black in a male – dominated business industry.

Black; Where?

You can wear black everywhere, on business meetings, for lunch and dinner or simply for a coffee to go with your best one, in the office, at any party and everywhere. Black is something like the MUST-HAVE piece, which can be the leather jacket, the basic Tee, the perfect fit jeans or just a turtleneck sweater.

Black; When?

One thing is clear: At any time & at any place you can wear black. You won’t be underdressed (=you cannot never be overdressed). Black never goes out of fashion.

Black; How?

It totally depends on how you feel and what you want to show. All-in- black? Nice, with some accessories it will be look awesome. Just one piece in black? Go for it!

You will never go wrong combining black with another color.

For the gentlemen:

A gentleman all-in- black can do everything what he wants and the ladies would still say, YES.